What to do in Grímsey

Grímsey is a beautiful green island on the Arctic Circle north of Iceland. The island’s village where approx. 60 people live all year round is a welcoming and curious place. There are numerous activities you can join on the island but also it’s a relaxing and rejuvenating place, filled with peace and energy.

Midnight Sun

Sunshine at midnight is a reality during summer in Grímsey. It’s not really sunset, rather a sun-dive, because the sun doesn’t really go down in June, only takes a dive in the sky. Watching the beautiful colors of the sky reflecting on the ocean, endless horizon, listening to the birds as they seem to get endless time with their chicks. If you want to go to a place where time is not a factor, book a room in Grímsey and stay up all night!

Northern lights

While the midnight sun dominates the sky in the summertime, the magic of the wintertime is the northern lights. It’s a beautiful natural phenomenon and in Grímsey you will have minimal light pollution and a majestic sky/canvas as there are no mountains to block the view.


Grimsey is a heaven for birding and bird watchers from all over the world come to Grímsey every summer. In Grímsey you’ll find almost all bird sea birds, waders and moorland birds that migrate to Iceland each summer. The island is a more secure haven for birds since there are no rats or mice on the island and hunting/egg collecting has been decreased in the last decades. Be careful though, the cliffs are steep and the birds, especially the puffins, have dug into the edges of the cliff so they are very insecure.

Arctic Circle

Our guesthouse is located right by the Arctic Circle, it’s practically in our back-yard. Grímsey is the only place in Iceland which belongs partly to the Arctic Circle and you can get a certificate to prove you’ve been on top of the world!


No joke, we have a 3 hole golf course by the house where you can chip and putt over the Arctic Circle. You can borrow clubs if you forgot your set at home.

Café and dining

Welcome to Krían, the cafe in Grímsey village. A great place to enjoy a meal or coffee and snacks and meet the locals.

Sightseeing with a local / Arctic Trip

Arctic Trip is one of the main tour guides on the island. Their local guides will take you around the arctic island, tell you about the history and the way of life. It’s a much more fulfilling experience than traveling by yourself, especially if your time is limited. Check out their Sightseeing with a local tour.

Arctic Snorkeling / Arctic Trip

The ocean is a home to a number of wonderful species and a great kelp forest is hidden under the ocean. Arctic Trip can take you snorkeling with puffins and fish and you’ll get a totally different view and experience. Check out the Arctic Snorkeling tour with Arctic Trip

Boat tours

It’s wonderful to explore the island from sea because the cliffs are tall and full of life. Various caves and creeks around the island are inaccessible unless you’re on a small boat with a local captain that knows the best places and how to reach them. You’ll find boat tours with Arctic Trip in Grímsey

Swimming pool

Grímsey has an indoor swimming pool used by the locals and tourists and is open all year. We recommend resting in the hot tub after a good hike around the island before enjoying a nice meal and a beer at Krían restaurant.